Sports Concussion Test

The Carolina Sports Concussion Program is the first of its kind in the Charlotte region. The program is a division of Carolina Neurosurgery & Spine Associates. Our experienced medical staff offers resources dedicated specifically to the assessment and management of sports-related concussions. The goal of this program is to accurately diagnose concussions in athletes 10 years of age and older, and determine when and if they can safely return to sports.

For more information, call 704-831-HEAD (4323) or 800-344-6716.

Baseline Sports Concussion Test

If you or your child play sports, it」s important that a baseline sports concussion test is taken at the beginning of the athletic season. This simple test can be completed online. Once this baseline test is completed, results will be stored in our records. If you have a head injury or think you have a concussion any time after taking the test, make an appointment with the Carolina Sports Concussion Program within 2-3 days. We will repeat the ImPACT test at the clinic and compare the results with your baseline test results. This will help us manage your recovery from the concussion and guide your return to play.

We are able to interpret test results for ages 10 and up. Younger children should not take the test. Adult assistance may be needed for those ages 10 to 17 to get the test started, but there should be no direct supervision or interaction once the test begins.

Before you begin:

  •   Write down C87B28EB45 (you will need this code to assess the test)
  •   Choose a testing environment that is quiet and free of distractions.
  •   Be sure that you have at least 30 minutes to take the test.
  •   Do not use a laptop computer unless you have an external mouse (touchpad controllers will not work).
  •   Remember that we will use this test to help treat you if you get a concussion, so take the test seriously and try your best.
  •   This is a difficult test; do not be discouraged by incorrect answers – just continue to give your best effort.
  •   You will need the Adobe Flash Player Plug-in to take the test. If you do not have this free plug-in, please click here.
  •   Please confirm that you have broadband, DSL or high-speed Internet connection before  taking the ImPACT Test. Using dial up or another unstable Internet connection could affect your results.

Take The Test

If you have an Access Code, enter it in the input box below to be directed to the online baseline test. If you do not have an access code, you can purchase a one-time baseline test via the PayPal link on this page

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